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In which X has had it up to here with Zero's goddamn martyr complex. The escort mission from hell didn't help. Sometimes, like in my fic Tales of Paybackthere's a scene in a game or other type of story where I really, really want one character to read another the riot act since they're acting like a complete moron.

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That friend of hers keep making me cry! You don't just live in someone else's butthole!!! The sea cucumber need that to breathe, apparently!

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We Are High School! CHSAA is honored for the opportunity to be a part of the journey. We are High School!

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When she said mummy, I was honestly thinking she was talking about her mom I came just for Jungkook Oh gosh, he is not even my bias And, what am I doing here? Why are we playing old shit like it's new? Only good album was the third one,the rest is all noise Cartoon sex werid sex Watched some of the videos and i gotta say, they are repeating themself and yeah there are some info that is good to know but most importantly, no one will ever share a way of making money Competition its a real deal, and this channel is using interest in people for money to get their views and sells Nowdays no one cares if ya re a billionaire or a poor person only if ya are a gold digger and i doubt that Live the life.

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