Amateur satellite operation

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An amateur radio satellite is an artificial satellite built and used by amateur radio operators for use in the Amateur-satellite service. The designation is assigned by AMSATan organization which promotes the development and launch of amateur radio satellites. Because of the prevalence of this designation, amateur radio satellites are often referred to as OSCARs.

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I first became interested in amateur satellite operations around after reading an article about the upcoming launch of AO After running multi-port terrestrial packet radio systems for many years, I was very interested in digital satellite operations. I decided to look into what it would take to build a high speed digital satellite station that would be fully compatible with the new and exciting AO

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For all space radiocommunication services, including the amateur satellite service, the use of a frequency assignment may cause harmful interference to a service of another administration. It is clear that the space station is required to be notified. The satellite operated under an amateur license authorization is licensed by national administration and will have an amateur callsign.

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How hard is it to build a ground station to communicate with people via a satellite? Probably not as hard as you think. It turns out that a cheap Chinese radio is all you need on the radio side. You do, however, benefit from having a bit of an antenna.

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Here a few few quick pointers which might help you. Visit as many amateur radio satellites web sites on the internet as you can. This site contains a wealth of information and articles.

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Forgot Password? Since then, amateurs from more than 22 different countries have launched over 70 satellites, exploring both digital and analog satellite technology. Many of the latest birds have been school experiments, training scientists and engineers.

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What Is Amateur Radio? Who Are Radio Amateurs? Digital Radio.

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We are going to implement the ham radio missions side by side with the engineering missions. The ham radio missions are available on holidays weekend. It is radio facilities including the analysis software which can communicate with the reception that you must prepare. You will need a ham radio communications qualification to perform uplink.

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Amateur satellites function as repeaters in orbit. By transmitting to an amateur satellite in low earth orbit you can make contacts hundreds of miles distant. Many amateur satellites operate as digital repeaters, and some may contain broadband linear transponders that provide multiple simultaneous channels and modes of operation.

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Nonhams usually are pretty surprised to find out about ham radio satellites. Imagine — do-it-yourself satellites! As of early25 active satellites were providing ham-to-ham communications or supporting the scientific experiments of student teams by sending telemetry back to Earth. Most amateur satellites are located in near-circular low Earth orbit, circling the planet several a times each day.