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This one's a smart dark fantasy based on the Neil Gaiman's novel of the same name. It's spooky, compelling, and visually stunning. It also received an Oscar nomination, so it has the Academy's ringing endorsement.

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It's in each and every one of us Whether you're a curmudgeonly senior with zero tolerance for nonsense, or a year-old financial analyst who is too cool for school, we know you'll appreciate the adult jokes found in the following children's movies. Disney knows it; DreamWorks strives for it; every family filmmaker works to find it.

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Sign in. R 89 min Animation, Adventure, Comedy. PG min Animation, Adventure, Fantasy.

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Animated movies or cartoon movies, if you prefer so take us in a different world, and help us escape a mundane reality with highly exhilarating emotional and intellectual experiences. Adults love watching them too, and they certainly have a few favorites among them. Chico and Rita is a smoky love story from Cuba that feels incredibly real, despite of the fact its characters are fictional.

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More than a few think pieces started coming out about how the mighty animation house was outpacing most big studios in sheer storytelling prowess. In a way, the writers of these pieces were dead on. WALL-E showed a more nuanced and ironclad understanding of physical comedy than arguably any movie in the aughts.

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Ever since Pixar released the masterful Toy Story on an unsuspecting public, animated films have taken on a new kind of life in the American cinematic landscape. No longer content to be opiates for masses of children worldwide, animated films are lauded for their intelligence and emotional impact—and their impact on parents in particular. There was a time adults wouldn't be caught dead seeing a Disney film without a child in tow, but these days Pixar and their competitors attract adults to evening shows with the promise of subtle humor, clever plotting, and scenes that would make any parent with a soul shed a lake's worth of tears.

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This Lewis Carroll adaptation, from a brilliant Czech surrealist, is too wild and wonderful for kids. This is no saccharine celebration of innocence, but a foray into the darker recesses of childhood fears and desires. And therefore, perhaps not a film for children.

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If you still think Bambi or Cinderella when you hear "animated movie," you've got some catching up to do. Some of the best filmmakers working today have tried their hand at animation, and a lot of it is decidedly not for kids. It makes sense that some brilliant grown-up movies would be animated: It's a medium that allows for ultimate creativity, able to be heartbreaking or shocking or complicated or surreal in ways that live-action can't get close to—no matter how big the budget.

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This is a list of adult animated films that were made from the s onwards, that might contain violencepolitical messages, nudity and sexual content, or drug and alcohol use. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Hollywood Reporter.

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Plenty of filmmakers aim for just one of these factors and end up with a product with the cultural half-life of a Demi Lovato album. The way to tell that a movie geared towards kids has succeeded is to check back on it a few years after it came out. The animated film tells the story of ten-year-old Chihiro, who finds herself trapped in the spirit world after a detour gone wrong. Just remember, you are who you choose to be, and try to hold back tears.


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