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Ever wondered how to get into the world of porn? Of course you have, you mucky pup. When that alarm goes off at 6.

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Many people have asked me over the years. I was a dancer in various clubs on and off for 12 years. The first club I went to was purely out of curiosity.

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If you read that and thought, Why yes, I do want to perform in pornthis is for you. If not, please feel free to read along for potential entertainment value. Or, put the computer down, and go do whatever it is that people do on Fridays.

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There are many, many misconceptions that people have about the adult industry. Not only do you have to be well-endowed, but you also have to have the stamina to perform for hours on end under hot lights, with dozens of crew members watching. Oh, and to make matters worse, the pay isn't great.

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Everyone knows porn stars love to fornicate, and it is this unquenchable desire for sex that coaxes hordes of young women into the world of adult entertainment. Adult performers promote or, at the very least, acquiesce to these myths to market themselves as a profitable product to production companies. After my decade-long career in the adult film industry, I can say that, as with any job, working in porn has its good days and bad.

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Usually not quite a daunting question upon first meeting someone. But in my case, it was one that was dreaded in every new encounter, afraid of their response. In even worse situations, no response was given at all.

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At any given moment, there are people watching pornography. How could so many people know about something, but still not know anything about it? And even then, everything I learned about the adult film industry came filtered through the lens of academia.

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So, how do you make money in the Adult Entertainment industry? What fields are there? What career opportunities can you discover within Adult?

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For some, these musings go beyond an idle distraction. Is a large penis necessary, or can you make do with a very firm, aesthetically pleasing one? Is there such a thing as too big, too thick, or too long? Does it help to have had more partners in the past, or is inexperience not a bad thing?


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