Recovery from spusal sexual addiction

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Relationships expert Paula Hall says the partners of sex addicts need specialist help of their own. Eight years into her marriage, Rachel started to wonder if her husband had lost interest in sex. My life fell apart.

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Pornography and sexual addiction are serious issues that often begin long before the wedding day and in many cases the courtship period. No one goes into marriage with the idea of hurting the other person; however, sometimes circumstances arise that we never intended. You may have either feeling, or both, but the effect is usually the same: the pain pushes you into isolation.

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Verified by Psychology Today. There are several theories as to how and why sex addiction develops. Some say that early traumatic relationships in infancy or childhood create an intimacy disorder in the individual, which then manifests later in life as high-risk behavior, sexual compulsions, infidelity or an obsession with porn.

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If you are the partner of an addict, there are some very common tendencies and behaviors that you may be experiencing. We want you to know that you are not aloneand that most partners of addicts experience denial, hurt, anger, and guilt. These two important concepts are covered in your treatment. Yes we recommend you come for treatment also.

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Q: Sexual addiction is a result of:. The answer may be obvious to those familiar with the multiple choice trope: D None of the above. But the point remains true: There are many common misconceptions surrounding sexual addiction.

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She learned this one night while up late with their sick toddler. Sam had forgotten to log out of his secret e-mail account, the one he used to schedule hook-ups with escorts, exotic masseuses, and women he met in online chat rooms. Stephanie found the password to Sam's account and was soon checking it several times a day.

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Listen Listening Research by Dr. PTSD begins with a traumatizing event, often exacerbated by additional trauma.

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Life for partners of sex addicts who have been affected by a series of betrayals by the addict can be an emotional roller coaster. Stefanie Carnes. The stages Dr.

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To obtain information on how couples recovering in step programs from sexual addiction and co-addiction were actually dealing with their problems, the authors anonymously surveyed persons representing 88 marriages. The most common problems identified by couples were rebuilding trust, learning intimacy, establishing boundaries, developing a healthy sexual relationship, and forgiving. Most couples also reported great difficulty in conflict resolution.

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After the problem of sexual addiction has been acknowledged and some treatment has begun, many partners of sex addicts want to know whether to have sex with the addict or not. There are no research studies on this question that I know of and the factors involved vary from one couple to another, not least of which is whether the couple are together, separated or contemplating divorce. The prevailing wisdom among those who do sex addiction treatment is that a sex addict in the first six months to one year of recovery should abstain from all sex including sex with a partner or spouse.


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