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Now this demon, adorably named Batibat, has two dreams of its own: get revenge, and fill the world with nightmares. Not in love with that vision, but I have to respect the ambition. Any of you Buffy fans?

Billionaire party enthusiast Richard Branson owns a private isle in the Virgin Islands. This is all true information. The hurricane should be pummeling Necker Island, the aforementioned private isle owned by Branson, at the time this post was published.

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An attempt to cash in on the nostalgia rampant in the late s results in this sexploitation piece in which six nasty girls relate their first sexual experiences during an overnight party. Besides unbelievably trite dialog and little attention to the sequence of real events, none of these characters could possibly have existed. Even the music of the Platters,

The duo was also responsible for vocal production along with Mischke. The song was released as the second and final single from the album, on November 16,featuring vocals from American singer Tinashe in a remix version. It was sent to US contemporary hit radio on November 22, Lyrically, the song is defined as an ode to fornication and making sex tapeswhere Spears uses double entendrewhile evoking one-night standsthe ritual of sleepovers with friends and the teenage game of seven minutes in heaven.

It aired on October 29th, Sam and Dean discover that the table in the Men of Letters house the one that lit up like a Christmas Tree when the angels fellhas an ancient computer attached to it. They figure if they can get the computer on, they can track the angels.

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By Pharrah Kougias. Halloween and Friday the 13th ignited the slasher flame across the box office in the early 80s. Dozens of imitators were manufactured to cash in.

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It saw the likes of Friday the 13 thHalloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street all receiving multiple sequels while a wide variety of cheap imitations were also released. Cashing in on this boom was vital. If we investigate a little deeper into this film, we can find out why this stands out in the crowd when you compare it to your average slasher film. Teens are terrorised by a mass murder with a signature weapon.

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Tweens love to throw slumber parties and there's no reason they have to do the same old thing at every party. Having a theme will give your guests a lot to do and enjoy, and it's also a lot of fun to plan. A spa slumber party is easy to throw and there is really no extra expense. Parents love it because it is simple, cheap and can keep a group of young girls busy for hours!


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