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Warner Bros. The new character deviates a great deal from how the Man of Steel has been depicted in TV series and movies in the past, and fits with the recent evolution of comic book movie heroes into darker, more complicated characters. But director Bryan Singer's self-questioning, sensitive Superman is so different from the previous mold that Internet buzz has swirled that the new movie depicts a gay superhero.

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Read the Advocate cover story that has Warner Bros. With Superman Returns headed at us faster than a speeding bullet, Advocate arts and entertainment editor and lifelong comics fan Alonso Duralde looks at superheroes and their appeal to gays and lesbians. My oldest sister was a crappy college student.

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Advocate editor and lifelong Superman fan Jase Peeples reveals why the Last Son of Krypton's latest reboot is a gay allegory for our time. He is distracted, struggling to filter the thousands of sounds bombarding his auditory system. Her voice is one of many ringing in his ear.

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When I saw this cover on the Drudge Report, I grimaced. Why would The Advocate—a notorious homosexual magazine—be running a cover story asking "How gay is Superman? Did it mean that the actor picked to play Superman about whom I know nothing is gay? Did it mean that the movie contains a homosexual theme or plot element?

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But, as several entertainment and cultural writers have noted, superheroes hold obvious -- and growing -- gay appeal. In addition to being strikingly good-looking, the characters often are portrayed as alienated outsiders, typically leading double lives. In the case of Superman, the beefcake character historically has struggled with romance, all the while running around in a skin-tight suit.

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After an absence of nearly two decades from the big screen, Superman is back. Under the helm of director Bryan Singer, it was suggested and in many circles, feared that Superman would somehow become gay. From our sister publication The Advocate to queer journo Mark Simpson who takes on the idea in his blog and penned the Sporno feature in our July issueeveryone has their take on the sexuality of the guy who wears tights.

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Registered in Ireland: Comic book hero-turned-movie icon Superman has come under scrutiny from gay campaigners who insist the Man Of Steel is a homosexual. US gay magazine Advocate is calling for the superhero to come out of the closet in their new issue titled 'How Gay Is Superman?

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Bryan Singer has played down US media speculation that his new version of Superman is gay. With the X-Men director reportedly having produced a less macho version of the superhero for his forthcoming film Superman Returns, the Man of Steel's sexuality has been debated in newspapers, magazines and on the internet. Gay magazine The Advocate and the Los Angeles Times have been amongst media to examine the issue, but Singer says his Superman "is probably the most heterosexual character in any movie I've ever made". Some of the speculation has focused on newcomer Brandon Routh's appearance in promotional posters.

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When the first big-screen Superman, Kirk Alyn, hit Metropolis in 's Supermana man in a uniform still got respect, even if the uniform was a red cape, a tight blue body suit, calf-high red boots and a pair of swimming trunks with faux belt. Despite Superman Mark I's showy get-up, no one speculated about the Man of Steel's sexuality or even his fashion sense. The Cold War was on and Superman fought for "truth, justice and the American way".

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On the eve of the hero's return to the big screen after nearly 20 years, gay magazines and online message boards are asking: is Superman gay? And they think they know the answer. US gay magazine Advocate has the world's most famous man in tights on its cover with the headline: "How Gay is Superman?


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