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Involuntary commitment or civil commitment also known informally as sectioning or being sectioned [1] in some jurisdictions, such as the United Kingdom [2] is a legal process through which an individual who is deemed by a qualified agent to have symptoms of severe mental disorder is ordered by a court into treatment in a psychiatric hospital inpatient or in the community outpatient. Criteria for civil commitment are established by laws which vary between nations. Commitment proceedings often follow a period of emergency hospitalization, during which an individual with acute psychiatric symptoms is confined for a relatively short duration e.

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Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. I don't have the answer here for you either, I would just like to know if you are finding yourself in that situation right now? Have you been committed involuntarily or has it been your decision?

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As the U. Senate closes in on a deal to mandate universal background checks on people who purchase guns, we thought we would highlight another key difference: the use of mental health records. Mental health background checks are a key component of current federal law regarding gun ownership and one we are sure will be expanded.

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Multiple times during the year, I receive E. Mails from people who feel desperate about the health and well being of a loved one who is either mentally ill or addicted to drugs. One of the questions they frequently ask is, "can we have her committed for a year or more so that she gets treatment and recovesr? This is something everyone should be aware of regardless of whether they are concerned about their own situation or someone elses.

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It is essential that the rights of persons with mental health conditions to make decisions concerning their treatment be respected. Voluntary admissions to treatment and services should be made more truly voluntary, and the use of advance directives should be implemented. Persons with mental health conditions deserve the same degree of personal autonomy as other citizens with disabilities when it comes to receiving services.

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These resources will help:. To qualify for mandated treatment in a hospital or other inpatient facility, the person must be:. A minimum of 50 beds perpeople is considered necessary to provide minimally adequate treatment for individuals with severe mental illness.

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Listen Listening A couple of years ago he walked away from a drug treatment facility and began living on the streets. This is the person who determines if a mentally ill person should be involuntarily committed.

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In Australia, there are circumstances where you can be legally hospitalised for a mental illness without your consent. During an episode of mental illness, you may become sick enough to need hospital treatment. If you know you need urgent help you can ask to be hospitalised, but there are also circumstances where you may be legally hospitalised without your consent. Once you reach hospital, one or sometimes two doctors will need to assess your mental health and agree that you need to be hospitalised without your consent.

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Show less Someone you know has possibly become a threat to themself or others. This is the threshold of behavior that once crossed, instigates the need for action. You care about this friend or loved one and your involvement has become an obligation that is racked with complexity.


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