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Medically reviewed by Drugs. Last updated on Jun 28, When you have a blocked tear duct, your tears can't drain normally, leaving you with a watery, irritated eye.

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The condition is common in infantsbut it can develop in adults, too. And while a blocked tear duct is often harmless for babies, in adults it can sometimes be a sign of a serious health problem. Blocked tear ducts are often treatable and temporary, but if the condition lingers, you should see a doctor.

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To describe an orbital myeloid sarcoma in adult presenting with a swollen mass at inferomedial canthal area and epiphora which was misdiagnosed as nasolacrimal duct obstruction. A year-old male presented with a swollen right lower eyelid around medial canthal area for 2 months with tearing for 6 month-period earlier. Eye examination demonstrated a high tear meniscus, slightly erythematous eyelid with palpable mass closed to the lacrimal sac along the inferior orbital rim.

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Blocked Tear Duct As many as 20 percent of newborn babies have a blocked tear duct at birth, but it usually clears up on its own in the first year of life. Adults can get a blocked tear duct as a result of an infection, inflammation, an injury or a tumor. A blocked tear duct almost always is correctable, but the treatment depends on the cause and your age. Tears normally drain from the eye through small tubes called tear ducts that extend from the eye into the nose.

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A blocked tear duct is a partial or complete blockage in the pathway that carries tears from the surface of the eye into the nose. Tears are constantly being made to help protect the surface of your eye. They drain into a very small opening punctum in the corner of your eye, near your nose.

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If you are suffering from eye strain, dry eyes, or allergies, knowing how to unblock a tear duct at home may offer relief. Even if your tear ducts are not blocked, keeping your eyes properly lubricated helps stave off many minor eye ailments. Nasolacrimal ducts, the medical term for tear ducts, are part of the body's system for draining tears from the eyes.

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Jump to content. Tears normally drain from the eye through small tubes called tear ductswhich stretch from the eye into the nose. If a tear duct becomes blocked or fails to open, tears cannot drain from the eye properly.

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The tear glands lacrimal glandslocated above each eyeball, continuously supply tear fluid that's wiped across the surface of your eye each time you blink your eyes. Excess fluid drains through the tear ducts into the nose. When you have a blocked tear duct, your tears can't drain normally, leaving you with a watery, irritated eye.

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Read our important medical disclaimer. How can I massage for blocked tear ducts in an adult? The passage from the eye to the nose—the nasolacrimal duct—may be closed in a newborn. Babies will have mucous in their eye and appear to have chronic infection.


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