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Normatively, care ethics seeks to maintain relationships by contextualizing and promoting the well-being of care-givers and care-receivers in a network of social relations. Most often defined as a practice or virtue rather than a theory as such, "care" involves maintaining the world of, and meeting the needs of, ourself and others. It builds on the motivation to care for those who are dependent and vulnerable, and it is inspired by both memories of being cared for and the idealizations of self.

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The Ethicist weighs in. If so, are adults wrong to take a peek? Not quite, says Ethicist Randy Cohen.

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A Project of the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics. Jordan, a scholar whose interests range from the history of sex and gender to the rhetoric of Christian ethics.

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I am gay and for 20 years, I have had a best friend and mentor who is also gay. But we do not live together. There has never been a sexual component to the friendship. He is getting ready to retire.

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Chuck Klosterman's "I Wear the Black Hat" was released in paperback around the same time that everyone in the country started to hate Donald Sterling, so I thought it seemed appropriate to talk to him about his book on villainy at a moment ripe with so many people who seemed to fit the bill. But Klosterman's take on what makes someone a villain is specific, and, he explains, limited by design. I spoke to Klosterman over the phone about applying his villain criteria to politicians and celebrities in the news, his views on the possible villainy of journalists, why Prince never let reporters bring pencils into interviews with him and whether or not it's weird to be writing a New York Times column on ethics while personally questioning his own status as a psychopath.

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Howard Whitton, an ethicist and public sector integrity expert, had co-authored a set of ethical standards for the then Labor senator John Faulkner, which were later introduced by the Rudd government to govern ministerial behaviour in The standards also say that ministers should not use information they have obtained in office for private gain. The standards are not legally enforceable, and ministers are punished for breaches largely at the discretion of the prime minister of the day, usually by public reprimand or demotion.

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I am a lawyer. During a first date with another lawyer, we had sex, and I wore a condom. But if I report her lapse of sexual ethics, I doubt that the selection committee will pick her.

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Two Israels were killed fighting back during the hostage-taking. The next day, the remaining nine Israelis were murdered after a failed attempt at the rescue of the hostages. Leave a comment.

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Kwame Anthony Akroma-Ampim Kusi Appiah was born in London, where his Ghanaian father was a law student, but moved as an infant with his parents to Ghana. He also learned a great deal by being a member of the informal group known as the Epiphany Philosophers. After his undergraduate career at Cambridge, he taught at the University of Ghana, Legonan experience which encouraged him to go back for graduate study.

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Robot ethicists have launched the Campaign Against Sex Robots, seeking a ban on the development of robotic sexytimes. The reality of pleasure bots is fast approaching. Mechanical toys for sexual pleasure already exist, of course, and hardware developers are working to incorporate A.


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