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The running of the bulls Spanish : encierrofrom the verb encerrar'to corral, to enclose'; Occitan : abrivadoliterally 'haste, momentum'; Catalan : correbous'run-bulls' is an event that involves running in front of a small group of cattle, typically six [1] but sometimes ten or more, that have been let loose on a course of a sectioned-off subset of a town's streets, [1] usually as part of a summertime festival. Particular breeds of cattle may be favored, such as the toro bravo in Spain, [1] also often used in post-run bullfightingand Camargue cattle in Occitan France, which are not fought. Actual bulls non-castrated male cattle are typically used in such events.

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CNN Three people were gored Sunday in the last bull run of the year in Pamplona, Spain, bringing the total number of people gored this year to eight, according to local authorities. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.

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Each year in the second week of July, six bulls are released every day at 8 a. Several hundred people set off after them, scrambling chaotically for half a mile as crowds watch from balconies and street corners — and millions more on television. The bravest — or the stupidest — try to get out in front for the thrill of grabbing a bull by its horns.

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Posted July 08, A man gored in the neck is among five people hospitalised after the opening bull run at this year's San Fermin festival in Pamplona, according to officials in the northern Spanish city. The man, a year-old from the US, was speared by a bull's horn in the city's bull ring, at the end of the metre course.

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PAMPLONA, Spain - Thousands of revelers raised candles and red scarves in the air and swayed back and forth as they sang a mournful song to mark the end on Sunday of Spain's famous annual bull-running festival, which saw eight daredevils gored this year. The nine-day San Fermin festival, which dates back to medieval times, features concerts, religious processions, folk dancing, and round-the-clock drinking. But the highlight is a bracing, daily test of courage against a thundering pack of half-ton, sharp-horned bulls.

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The injuries were not life-threatening. During the festival the population of the small city in Navarra swells tenfold as more than a million people come from around the world. The five were jailed for 15 years last month after a protracted legal process often criticised for its perceived leniency towards the rapists.

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Five people were hospitalised after the opening bull run of this year's San Fermin festival in Pamplona, including two Americans and a Spaniard who were gored by bulls, officials in the northern Spanish city said Sunday. A year old man from San Francisco was gored in the neck in the city's bullring, at the end of the meter yard course. His injuries required surgery, the regional government reported.

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Three people were gored and a further two people suffered head trauma during the first day of Spain's best-known bull-running festival in the northern town of Pamplona on Sunday, the Red Cross said. One man was loaded into an ambulance on a stretcher shortly after the dash through the medieval town centre's narrow streets to the bullring, which lasted two minutes and 41 seconds. Thousands of runners, dressed head to toe in white, with bright-red neckerchiefs, gather every year for the traditional morning run, after which the animals are kept in the bullring until the afternoon's fights.

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The beginning of July marks the start of the celebratory San Fermin Festival, and with it, one of its most anticipated week-long events: The Bull Run. Note: There are a few Bull Runs throughout multiple cities, but the main one occurs in Pamplona. The dress: bull runners and pedestrians alike will wear the customary white pants or white jeanswhite shirts, a red scarf tied a panuelo around the neck, and a red sash a faja tied around the waist.

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Participants run next to Miura fighting bulls on the last bullrun of the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, northern Spain, on July 12, Three people were gored Sunday in the last bull run of the year in Pamplona, Spain, bringing the total number of people gored this year to eight, according to local authorities. The running of the bulls is the centerpiece of the San Fermin festival, which runs from July each year in northern Spain. In total, 35 people were injured this year, most of them from broken bones and fractures, according to the Royal Navarre Hospital.