Tigers skin is striped

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The tiger Panthera tigris is a carnivorous mammal. It is the largest living member of the cat familythe Felidae. Bengal tigers live in the watery jungle called the Sundarbans that is in Bangladesh and West Bengal of India.

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It was evolution that gave the tiger those stripes. The tiger that was able to hide the best was the one that got its prey. That tiger was able to survive.

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By Amelia Meyer. Tigers are identified by their characteristic stripes, which adorn their dense, beautiful fur. In fact, children are first taught to differentiate between the wild cats by noting the patterns that they display.

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The tiger has a muscular body with powerful forelimbs, a large head and a tail that is about half the length of its body. Its pelage is dense and heavy, and colouration varies between shades of orange and brown with white ventral areas and distinctive vertical black stripes that are unique in each individual. Stripes are likely advantageous for camouflage in vegetation such as long grass with strong vertical patterns of light and shade.

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You might recognize this sexy tiger doctor from that one really strange, yet fulfilling dream you had. This is what the skin of a tiger looks like. It is also striped.

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Zoologists have long wondered why tigers have their unusual striped coat. Through the years people have come up with numerous theories and myths to explain the pattern. But the bottom line is that tiger stripes have probably developed because the pattern helps hide them and protect them in their natural environment.

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Top definition. Tiger Stripes unknown. The new slang for " stretch marks ". I have an animal instinct so bad that I wouldn't mind having sex with a woman with stretch marks because to me their like tiger stripes.

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The tiger Panthera tigris is the largest species among the Felidae and classified in the genus Panthera. It is most recognisable for its dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with a lighter underside. It is an apex predatorprimarily preying on ungulates such as deer and wild boar.

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Click here for more amazing animal facts for kids. A tiger is the largest member of the big cat family. Other members of the large cat family include lionleopardsand jaguars.


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